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  • [PICT] 140906 SHINee - iTunes Japan Twitter Update


    @/iTunesJapan : “Pre-order has started for SHINee new album “I’m Your Album” that includes the song performed in Tokyo Girls Collection 2014 A/W, “Downtown Baby”.

    Sc : iTunes Japan on Twitter
    Translated by : red @ shineee.net
    Via : SHINee Forums International

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  • [PICT] 140907 SHINee’s Taemin - Official Board Update


    Everyone~ You’re enjoying your Chuseok holiday, right~?

    The official promotions for the ACE album has ended with Inkigayo today..TT

    Thank you to everyone who supported me while I was promoting~

    Especially our fans!!!

    Because I’m able to feel the great amount of love that SHINee WORLD sends me

    I was really thankful and happy~

    I hope you are always happy~~ And let’s meet again~~^^

    Bye~~~ I love you~♥

    Sc : Taemin Official Website
    Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net
    Via : SHINee Forums International

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  • [PICTS] 140916 Minho - Girls Generation TTS ‘Holler’ Showcase

    Sc : SM Town Now

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  • [PICTS] 140913 Jonghyun & Taemin - Draw Fit Blog Update

    샤이니 “태민” with [ 드로우핏 KINT MIXED SWEATSHIRTS WHITE ]

    샤이니 “태민”
    드로우핏, Drawfit, 디자이너브랜드, 남성의류, 맨투맨, 스웻셔츠, 샤이니, 태민
    [출처] 샤이니 “태민” with [ 드로우핏 KINT MIXED SWEATSHIRTS WHITE ]|작성자 드로우핏

    샤이니 “종현” 축가 with [ 드로우핏 STRAW MIXED SHIRTS BLACK ]

    샤이니 종현 “축가”

    Sc : DrawFit on Naver

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  • [INFO] SHINee releases “Downtown Baby” on iTunes

    "Downtown Baby" is now available for digital download through iTunes!

    A digital pre-order of SHINee’s 3rd Japanese album “I’m Your Boy” is available as well. Please note that you will not be charged for the album till its downloaded.


    Written by : debsayys @ shinee.net
    Via : SHINee Forums International

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  • [NEWS] SHINee brings forth an exciting episode for “The Ultimate Group”

    News from Sohu Entertainment
    This Friday night, Jiangsu TV’s “The Ultimate Group” will be playing host to Korea’s popular boy band, SHINee. The five flower boys will be appearing in school uniforms and participating in challenges with the hosting quintet led by Peng Yu. During the show, SHINee will not only be revealing their precious audition tapes for SM Entertainment; a slew of embarrassing behind-the-scenes stories from their concerts will be exposed as well, leaving the hosting quintet tongue-tied. For more excitement, see it only on Jiangsu TV’s “The Ultimate Group”.

    Minho was cast on the street, Key was picked among thousands
    Since their debut in 2008, the five members of SHINee have been performing on their dream stage for nearly 7 years. Their sweat and hard work have not been in vain, as they’ve grown and transformed from unknown trainees to international superstars that make fans go wild. Just when other teenagers around their age were wrapped up in their parents’ arms, young SHINee was already working hard towards their dream.

    Key reminisced about the past as he shared, “I had to take part in a lot of auditions before getting the rare chance to enter SM Entertainment. At that time I gave it my all by singing and dancing.” Just like Key, Taemin gave his career a kickstart by passing the national auditions. He expressed, “I participated in various talent shows since I was six years old, and got the chance to audition for SM Entertainment when I was 13. I passed the audition through dancing, and I’ve worked really hard since then.”

    From what is known in the large pool of talent and competitiveness in the Korean music industry, the challenge of getting into SM Entertainment is on par with gaining admission into the best university. “Back then, the chance of getting into SM Entertainment through auditions was 8000:1, so it was really hard,” host Hye Ryun revealed. As such, for all the young and aspiring musicians that want to SM Entertainment, they not only need to have the talent but a little luck as well.

    Minho is the luckiest one among the five members of SHINee, all because he was casted on the street. “I was shopping with my mother, and there were three women walking towards me as they whispered among themselves. They gave me their name cards afterwards, asking me to audition for SM Entertainment. Back then, I didn’t know why they were looking at me. It was only after I entered the company that I heard it was because I look nice when I smile.” After concluding his story, Minho finished it off with his signature smile.

    Minho reveals a pants-splitting concert story
    In the seven years since their debut, SHINee has participated in countless concerts both big and small and have always brought on the most exciting performances for their loving fans. In choosing the most memorable performance, the five sunshine boys didn’t hesitate in choosing the 2012 concert in Hong Kong.

    "The concert had just started when there was a huge downpour and we were all drenched," started Key. "The Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo’s hall is opened to the sky, so a lot of fans were watching the performance while standing in the rain. But that didn’t dampen their spirits and they continued to cheer us on with their light sticks. It was very touching for us." Even with drenched bodies, SHINee brought on their best as the fans’ high spirits infected them. Some fans expressed, "They didn’t leave any of the planned songs out of the concert and they went full out with the dances. Many of the fans were so touched to see that side of SHINee and cried."

    However, it is because of SHINee’s energetic dances that results in some pants-splitting performances, and that has caused Minho to encounter an embarrassing accident on stage. “As I was dancing, I realized my pants were torn. It was probably because the material couldn’t take the pressure from all the leg splitting action.” Minho laughed as he continued, “I was in shock then, and my face was turning red. In urgency, I wrapped my jacket around the pants to save myself.” With Minho’s personal reveal, the hosting team laughed ecstatically. “In the future, please look out for Minho’s area when watching SHINee’s performances,” host Peng Yu joked.

    SHINee gorges on food, forgets about their image
    The image put forth on television is an idol’s everything. In contrast to that, SHINee gorged down on their food on “The Ultimate Group”, showing their willingness to ‘destroy’ their own image.

    The show prepared many different types of meals for SHINee to try, such as burgers, fried chicken, spicy tofu and others. As such, the five shining boys fell victim to the food before them! The set was thrown into chaos as Minho tuned the world out as he lowered his head to eat, and Key didn’t hesitate to gulp the food down. The program reveals, “As the old saying goes, ‘the more we get together the happier we’ll be’. Our program prepared a lot of traditional delicacies from China to welcome SHINee, but the delicacies presented are actually props for our games. What games were they, and why was SHINee flustered? How did the usually proper group forget about their own image? Tune in to ‘The Ultimate Group’ on Friday (September 12th) night!”

    Sc : Sohu
    Translated by : debsayys @ shineee.net
    Via : SHINee Forums International

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  • [NEWS] Dance practice video for “Danger” revealed

    Back on August 21st, SM Entertainment sent out a message through SHINee’s official LINE and Kakaotalk accounts, announcing that once the view count for Taemin’s music video for his solo debut, “Danger” hits 4 million, the dance practice video for the Michael Jackson influenced track would be uploaded onto Youtube. 

    Fans have been working hard to achieve the view count and on September 1st, “Danger” finally reached 4 million views and to delight of Shawols all around the world, the dance practice video was released! At the beginning of the video, footage of Taemin’s practice with choreographer Ian Eastwood showed the former’s incredible learning speed. The formal full-joint practice faded in after and like always, the fluid dance moves of SHINee’s maknae and very first soloist lit up the screen.

    Check out the video here!

    Written by : debsayys @ shineee.net
    Via : SHINee Forums International

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